General Terms and Conditions

The present website (“the Site”) belongs to creative team of the AtrMuseum (“AtrMuseum”) and its use is subject to the following terms and conditions :

1. Apart from the exceptions expressly referred to (intellectual property rights belonging to third parties, associates and entities) the whole contents (the “Contents”) of the site, including text, images, designs, videos, graphics, software applications, services being provided and, in general, all of the files and data of the site constitute the intellectual property of the “AtrMuseum” and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek law and, in particular, according to the provisions of Law 2121/1993 (“Copyright, related rights and cultural matters”), the provisions of European law and the provisions of the relevant international conventions.

2. The “AtrMuseum” encourages the private use of the “Site” and of the “Contents” for one’s personal information. Any use within the framework of a company, an agency or an organisation shall not constitute private use. The reproduction or storage of individual pages or data is allowed, under the strict condition that their origin from the site ( is mentioned and the names of the authors are stated (provided they are referred to in the site) without any prejudice whatsoever to any relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. However, users should be aware that certain files or data might constitute the intellectual property of third parties (associates, entities, organisations, companies, etc.) and, so, they are not allowed to be used without permission on the part of such third parties (whose names are probably included in a relevant reference of the “Site”).

3. Any storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of any part of the “Contents” for commercial reasons or for any other use which does not fall within the scope of paragraph 2 is strictly forbidden.

4. Any storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of registered trademarks or service marks of the “AtrMuseum” or trademarks of associated entities displayed on the “Site” is strictly forbidden.

5. The “Contents” of the “Site” are provided “as they precisely are” without any kind of explicit or implicit guarantee, including but not limited to those which pertain to the merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. Under any circumstances, including also the case of negligence, the “AtrMuseum” shall not be liable for any kind of damage caused to or for any viruses that may infect the user of the pages of the site who will be considered to be using such pages on his / her own initiative and with the knowledge of the terms hereof.

6. The “AtrMuseum” declares that is and will be using every possible efforts, but provides no guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided uninterruptedly, without mistakes and that errors will be corrected.

7. The “AtrMuseum” bears no liability whatsoever and in no event provides any guarantee for the contents, the personal data protection policy, the completeness and quality of services and the security of other websites interconnected with the “Site” through “links” nor for the servers through which the “Site” and the other websites are put at your disposal.

8. The Newsletters, if any, which are received by the user of the services of the “Site” through his / her inclusion in the mailing lists constitute the intellectual property of the “AtrMuseum” and, therefore, they are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law and international conventions.

9. The “Site” shall provide users with e-commerce services in conformity with the specific terms laid down by it. In order to see the terms of use of the Electronic Shop of the “Site”, press here.

10. The personal data provided by the user for his / her registration in the Shop of the “Site”, for his / her participation in the seminars or for the commencement of his / her membership will be comprised in the “AtrMuseum’s” files, they will be used as efficiently as possible for the provision of services and information to him / her and by no means will they be reproduced or distributed to third parties. If the user does not want for his / her data to be filed he / she must let this be known in writing within a period of 10 days. In any event the user will retain his / her right at any moment whatsoever to exercise the rights of access and objection provided for by Articles 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997.

11. The “AtrMuseum” will retain the right to modify at any moment whatsoever and without any previous notice the Terms of Use of the “Site” and publish them on the present page. For this reason you are kindly requested to regularly visit this page.


Terms of use Electronic Shop

General Terms

The electronic Shop of the AtrMuseum (the “Shop”) is an online outlet for the sale of products, through the Internet.

The implementation of purchases through the online outlet of the “Shop” ( entails full acceptance on your part of the terms referred to herein.


The “Shop” uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with a 128-bit encryption (the most powerful system so far) for safe on-line commercial transactions. In this manner all of your personal information is encrypted, including the number of your credit card, name and address, so that all this information will not be read out or altered during transmission through the Internet.

The SSL protocol is currently the world standard on the Internet for the accreditation of websites vis-à-vis Internet users and for the encryption of data between Internet users and web servers. An encrypted SSL connection requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, thus protecting the personal information while in transit. In addition, all data sent over under the SSL protocol is protected with a mechanism which automatically determines whether the data has been altered in transit.

Personal Data

A necessary prerequisite of the commencement of a transaction between us is the notification on your part of some of your personal data. During the ordering procedure you will be requested to give your full name, your permanent address, the address at which you want the products being sold to be sent, the number of your fixed telephone (or any other telephone you want, that will be used to enhance the level of services provided to you), your e-mail address.

The “Shop” corresponding to the URL (the “Site”) in faithful conformity with the principles of personal data protection which are provided for by Greek and European laws and by the relevant international conventions shall not proceed to any unfair use nor to any use not previously authorised by you. The “Shop” of the “Site” will in no way disclose, publish, sell or exchange your personal data and information entrusted by you with us. Exceptionally, your personal data may be published by the “AtrMuseum”, always in conformity with the procedure provided for by law when this is imposed by a Public Authority, a Court, etc.

The users may, at any moment whatsoever, and as long as there is a specific reason, proceed to the change in the personal data that has been communicated by them to the “Shop” (e.g. the credit card number) or even cancel any use thereof by filling in the relevant electronic form.

Modes of Payment

The “Shop” allows the following modes of payment :

1. Pay with your Credit / Debit card through the app of Viva Wallet

Mode – time – cost of dispatch

The “Shop” allows the following modes of dispatch of the products that have been ordered by you to the place of dispatch that has been indicated by you at the relevant cost, as such cost is shown on the relevant pages of the “Shop”:

1. Via courier service

2. Via the Hellenic Post (ELTA)

The time of delivery depends on the mode of delivery to be chosen by you. Shipments will be effected on a daily basis except for Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. The order form will mention the expected date of delivery of the items ordered by you. In special cases, especially in orders connected with foreign countries, there may be a delay by reason of the supplier’s inability to provide us with the products at the expected times. In such cases a reminder will be sent to the supplier and the client will be kept advised. The “Shop” shall bear no liability in the event of failure to deliver by reason of force majeure (natural disasters, war, political upheaval, etc.).

Prices of the products being sold

All prices indicated include VAT. For non-EU countries, for which no VAT payment is provided for, the relevant cost will be automatically deducted from the final order form through the insertion of the relevant term into the field Country of the Shipping Details section of the Order Form.


1. Force Majeure: If for reasons of force majeure it is not possible for us to deliver to you the products within the predetermined period of time we shall advise you of that via e-mail thus enabling you to declare whether you want, under these circumstances, the completion of your order.

2. Cookies: As in most of the sites on the Internet we, too, use cookies in the “Shop”, which gives us access to certain information each time you navigate through a web browser in our shop. Without the use of cookies it would be impossible for us to provide important services such as: state of orders, personal settings, storage of items in your basket or in your reminder list between two visits on your part, etc. Cookies are alphanumerical files which we transfer to the hard disk of your computer through the Internet so that we may provide services such as those referred to herein above. In the preferences section of your browser you may choose to prevent the browser from accepting new cookies or you may oblige the browser to ask you each time a new cookie is about to be installed in your hard disk. Nevertheless you should know that if you choose to prevent cookies from being stored into your hard disk you will not be able to use some of the services of our shop.

3. Law Applicable: All of the transactions you implement through the “Shop” shall be governed by the Greek Law that deals with matters relative to electronic trade and the Courts of competent jurisdiction shall be the Courts in Athens.