Visual installations

At the office or at home, there may be a space that looks unfinished. Visual Installations designed at Art Museum give to this space the “touch” that will transform it.
As a first step, a photorealistic draft will help you to understand our proposal. The installation then takes place under our own responsibility based on the idea that we will build together. 

On the Featured Projects page (here) you’ll get a good idea of ​​the style we’re after, but also ideas of what might suit you. Fill in the Interest Form with a description or even a photo and we will contact you immediately.

Interest form


    Shipping company entry and reception. Five years later, the company’s staff tell us how happy they feel entering their workplace. For us, this is the best praise ever!

    An outdoor space (BBQ) visual installation, at a house of the northern suburbs. Iron, 3 meter construction with respect to the minimalistic mood of the owners.

    Works that have been presented in 2 different exhibitions, were finally installed in Cycladic houses. Placing a work of art is also an artistic act.

    Photorealistic drafts for the Installation of ready-made cutouts of seagulls and butterflies, made of painted stainless steel.  An interesting and economical solution whose simple installation allows co-creation.

    Intervention on the pergola and the interior of a restaurant (boards painted with pale translucent colors). Simple materials may transform a space into something special!