Unique and multiple gifts

There are some events in our lives, professional or personal, that a gift will make them unforgettable. Gifts are also offered to show our appreciation, to enhance a professional offer, but also as souvenirs.

At the Art Museum we treat all gifts as if we offered them ourselves. All items are signed and collectible, with added value that steals the show.

Our Catalog (here) gives a good idea of ​​what might suit you. In the Interest Form, describe your “idea” to us and we will contact you immediately. 
Together we will find the gift that will make you stand out.

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    A gift with a different approach to a press conference of a major home appliance company. Journalists loved it because for the first time they didn’t get a typical gift.

    Wedding gift with couple’s initials, date, signature and numbered certificate of authenticity. Who will not remember this wedding?

    An expensive brass and stainless steel construction, for gifts to selected partners. The olive tree with its multiple symbolisms, in a modern rendering.

    The gifts of a shipping company must be thoughtful, because they are given to businessmen and prestigious executives. They chose us for this.

    Promotional gifts for a big restaurant chain. You probably have at home one of your own, since millions were produced.

    The Sweet Greeks series (tin cans with candies) travel the length and breadth of the earth. Packaging of a large confectionery company. A fresh look at “distressed” souvenirs.