Art Objects and Visual Proposals 

ARTMUSEUM is a website that presents art and design objects with reference to “Greekness”. We present visual proposals addressed both to the Greek, who will understand them more deeply, but also to all lovers of the unique Greek culture, not necessarily the ancient one. But what is “Greek”? Is there anything special today that is worth recalling, or have the laurels of the past faded? The eternal Greek light, even if this seems unearthly, is what makes the difference giving another dimension to the objects and the surrounding space! There are also the islands, the sea, the breeze… Diamonds shine wherever they are, even on the signs of folk shops, in the folk patterns, at festivals or in the “ante giamas” of the modern Greeks. The “true” has no homeland, you simply conquer it, only by bowing with respect to your own experiences and ours are Greek.

At ARTMUSEUM, the main designer is the painter – designer – performer Dimitris Korovesis, who studied graphic design in Greece and painting in Italy. He has created as a graphic designer in publications, and as a creative director in the field of advertising. He has exhibited his work in 15 individual exhibitions, 2 performances, in Greece and Los Angeles and has participated in many group exhibitions. He is the author of 3 books and his visual work has been published in 5 monographs. His signed design proposals are found today in millions of Greek homes, and his works adorn private collections all over the world.